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 Wolf's Easy Guide

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PostSubject: Wolf's Easy Guide   Mon Nov 24, 2008 4:05 pm

most people say Wolf has a Disadvantage because he is Slow and heavier.
well the slow problem can be solved easely. since he is heavy he has the fastest Dodge. you can just dodge instead of runing it's a lot faster. plus when he runs and then stops he need 1 sec to stop, witch means a player can atack you but dodging is other thing.
however heavy doesen't just means he falls down quicker than other charecters it means he atacks faster and a bit stronger than the other Star Fox Charecters and so on.
ok so this is probobly the best Wolfs Weakneses. His Fire Wolf (Up Special atack). if you are under a ledge and a bit more further from it (just a bit) and you use the Fire Wolf Upwards ther are low chanches that you grab the ledge because when he does his Fire wolf he allmost doesen't move Left Or Right....so if you're under a ledge try going a bit more closer to it (just go left a bit or right) and then use you're Fire Wolf because it's the only way of not killing you're self. Oh and if you're not under the ledge that you are away from in but on it's level just use wolf flash (side Special) it's way better than Fire Wolf

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PostSubject: Re: Wolf's Easy Guide   Tue Nov 25, 2008 1:28 pm

whatevs thats y i use falco - tho his Fire Bird sux like crap.
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Wolf's Easy Guide
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