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 What if you were a brawl character

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PostSubject: What if you were a brawl character   Thu Nov 20, 2008 7:56 pm

What if you were a brawl Character. please answer the following questions:

What tier would you be?
What would be you B moves?
what would be you final smash and would it do?
what would be your three taunts?

Please Answer.

My answer:

Bottom Tier

Neutral B: chair shield
side B: Card Throw
Down B: Cactus Dance
Up B: Magical Text book of Teleportation

Cell Phone Barrage: Summons a huge army of Gyroids with bow ties. They will gang beat you with cell phones that have no more minutes. Each hit from a cell phone does 1% damage and gives an electricuted effect.

Up taunt: the Mighty pose

Down Taunt: Cactus Dance(again(non-damaging))

Side Taunt: Marshal Toss ( toss a Marshal towards the screen )
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PostSubject: Re: What if you were a brawl character   Tue Nov 25, 2008 9:54 am

Well i don't know what i would be, but i can post witch Character would i want to be in the Super Smash Bros. Series.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Normal B: Finger Blast (you need to hold the b button to get the blast further). He Held his finger and when he taps his finger it blasts in the range you held (the more time you hold the blast goes further)

Up B : Chaos Control (he uses Chaos Control and teleports to the way you point : up, down, left, right. kinda like Fire Fox/Bird/Wolf. only that he teleports further)

Side B: Chaos Spear

Down B : Shadow Blast (a strange Circle sorounds him and hits his enemies even behind and up).

Smash Ball : Chaos Blast (THE BLAST IS EVRYWERE) or Super Shadow

Up Taunt :
He get's in this pose and just says hmph....

Down Taunt :
He get's in this pose and says I Will Destroy You!

Side Taunt :
He says Chaos Control and evrything get's Purple (but it's not effective. it's anly for the Taunt)
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What if you were a brawl character
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